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JUPITER MARKETING COMPANY is expanding its product range to include complementary products to better serve its customers through integrated roofing and waterproofing total solutions.
The knowledge and experience with manufacturers and products led to its choice of the most cost effective modern roofing / waterproofing technology.

  1. Tarfellt : is a hessian based bituminous waterproofing felt conforming to IS 1322/1933 type 3 Gr. I. Tarfelt –DPC conforms to type 3 Gr. II.

It is tough grade hessian based material saturated and coated with a special bituminous compound containing mineral fillers recommended for waterproofing treatment of roofs of all descriptions and DPC in buildings.
2. Expansion Filler boards :- Engineers & architects world over are of the opinion that because of seasonal variation in temperature, provision must be made to accommodate the expansion and contraction that invariably occur in concrete structures such as runways, roads and long span buildings. Expansion filler board: IS: 1838
It is a specially impregnated fiber board which is light, elastic and rot-proof.
Supplied in standard dimension of 4’x4’ (1.22mt x1.22mt) for use in construction between concrete slabs in roads, runways, buildings and bridge decks.
Thickness: 12mm, 18mm, 25mm Sealing compound: IS: 1834
A special rubberized hot applied sealing compound. Tenacious, resilient and capable of withstanding extremes of temperatures without becoming either brittle or liquid.Used in combination with expansion filler board as hot – pourjointing in preformed gaps in concrete constructions.
3. Bitumen :IS 702 & IS 73
Oxidized bitumen has got a range of uses. It can be used in industries as an adhesive, protective coating, bonding agent, electric insulator and structures below ground. Because of their softening point, it shows excellent physical stability, no exudation or bleeding in contact with highly absorptive material and a remarkable resistance against atmospheric corrosion.
85/25, 85/40, 90/15, 115/15

Paving Bitumen (Straight Grade) used in construction and maintenance of Roads, Airfields & Allied Constructions
Grades of bitumen: 60/70, 80/100, 30/40.
4. Flashing tapes : flashing tapes is a cold applied and easily to apply self adhesive aluminum faced , bitumen based waterproof sealing that is safe in use and gives lasting protection in all climates. It bonds to a wide range of surfaces to form an instant, permanent, watertight seal.

It can be used on every kind of surface because of its excellent bonding qualities.
Specially used on cracks on industrial sheds for leakage solutions and can be used in number of places like sealing boat parts, delivery containers ,and vans , sealing of drainage pipes etc.
  Wrapping coat : as per IS 10221 and AWWAC-203
It is a hot and cold applied corrosion protection bituminous tape. It comes in three thicknesses: 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm.
It is made up of specially formulated corrosion resistant bitumen compound provides high softening, penetration and resistance to ageing.
The tapes comprises of high tensile strength thermo fusible HMHDPE film on both the sides.
Wrapping coat is designed for application on buried and immersed pipes, fittings and appurtenances, to protect them from high corrosive environment. It is also used to protect PVC pipe from   corrosion due to ultraviolet rays in above ground installations. This tape is also used in the oilfield industry to wrap above and underground pipes to prevent corrosion due to the high methane levels in the soil around oil fields.
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